1. Participation 
Each participating team must complete registration online, remit payment, be accepted by Tournament Registration Director and upload applicable documents prior to play. 

A refund will not be given due to inclement weather conditions, or any naturally occurring event that requires game cancellation.

2. Roster 
All players must be listed on the roster uploaded for check in. No player may be added after roster is approved.   
U7- Min of 4, Max of 8 
U8- Min of 5, Max of 9

3. Players 
U7 players- Born in 2016
U8 players- Born in 2015

4. Documentation 
	For online check-in, upload a tournament roster with player's names and birthdates

Rules of Play 
The tournament uses FIFA and Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA) rules as amended for youth soccer competition, except as specifically modified by the following rules. 

1.  Number of Games 
Each team is guaranteed three (3) games. 1 game per day, if possible. No semi finals or finals.

2. Injury Time
Injury time may be added within the time constraints of the game, at the discretion of the referee.  

3.  Structure of Bracket Games 
Combining of age groups will be done at the Tournament Committee’s discretion, if needed. Brackets may be coed based on number of teams registered.

4. U7 Play
Format: 4v4 – No Goalie
Roster Size:  Min of 4  Max 8
Goal Size:  4x6
Ball Size: 3
Game length:  4 - 10 min quarters with a 2 min break in between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 quarters with a 5 min half time.
Kick –in: are given when the ball crosses the touchline. Players must give 5 yards to allow space for the kick in
Foul: a foul is committed when a player trips or kicks an opponent,charges or slides from BEHIND and or holds onto his/her opponent.  An indirect kick will be awarded
Corner Kick: is given when the ball is kicked passed the goal line by the defending team
Goal Kick: is given when the ball is kicked passed the goal line by the offensive team
Halfway retreat:  when a goal kick is awarded the defending players must stand at least at the halfway line until the ball is in play.  The position of the defending players is so that the attacking team has a chance to play the ball out of their penalty area.  Teams are encouraged to inter-pass the ball in order to advance up field. 
Punting: will not be allowed
Handball: is called when a player INTENTIONALLY touches the ball with arm or hand resulting in advantage. HOT button topic.  The players are 3 feet tall almost everything is a handball.  An Indirect Kick to be awarded
Substitution: can be made at anytime
Heading: will not be allowed.  An indirect kick will be awarded at the spot of offense.
No Penalty kicks are to be awarded
5. U8 Play
Format: 5v5  – 4 players plus a Goalie
Roster size: Min of 5, MAX  9
Goal Size:  6 ½ x12
Ball Size: 4
Game length: 2- 25 min halves with a 5 min. halftime
Breakout Line: located half way between the end line and half way line. The defending players must stand at least at the BOL until the ball is in play. Opposition players are not allowed in area until pass is made to play out. Players are considered “offsides” from the BOL to the goal line. 
Punting: will not be allowed
Heading: will not be allowed.  An indirect kick will be awarded at the spot of offense.
Handball: is called when a player INTENTIONALLY touches the ball with arm or hand resulting in advantage. Indirect Kick to be awarded
Throw-in: are given when the ball crosses the touch line- U8 players
Substitutions: can be made at any time
Offside: a player is considered offside if she/he is past the last defender when receiving a pass. A player is not offside if they have the ball in their possession or on a throw in. CHERRY PICKING IS NOT ALLOWED and should be enforced by an obvious offside call.  
Direct Kick: is a free kick awarded to a team after a foul has been committed. 
Indirect kick: is a free kick after a foul is committed, however the ball must touch another player before scoring.
Penalty Kick: is given after a foul is committed INSIDE the goal box​​.

4. Additonal Rules and Info
NO scores are kept.
Coaches & Asst. Coaches are expected to show respect for the laws of the game and demonstrate good sportsmanship towards players, referees, other coaches and parents.
Players not on roster will not be allowed to play.
Home team wears dark - If a conflict arises, home team changes.
Jerseys, T -shirts and Pennies: teams may play in any of these as long as they are of the same color. Numbers are not required.
Parent/Sidelines should show respect for the laws of the game and demonstrate good sportsmanship towards players, referees, other coaches and parents.
NO Earrings are allowed.
Referees in the Academy will mostly be new or younger persons.  Please remember to treat them with respect.  They will make mistakes and not make every call to your satisfaction.  There is only 1 referee on the field and missed calls will be made or not made. It happens at all levels of play.
1. A Team representative must present an approved roster and/or approved player cards to the Field Marshal Station at their respective field 15 minutes prior to the start of each game 
Failure to have required documentation at a game will result in a forfeit of that game. 

2. A team should also have available at games
copy of medical authorizations for all players; 
3. Playing eligibility of each player will be determined by the official roster and/or player card as issued by the team’s state organization – verified through online check-in. No player may be added after roster has been approved. 

4. A player may only play for one team during the tournament – no double roster players allowed. 
Any player playing for more than one team will be disqualified for the duration of the competition and the last team he/she played for will forfeit the match. 

Inclement Weather Rules
All games at a site may be temporarily suspended or canceled for any of the following reasons: Rain, lightening, excessively high winds, low air temperature, bad air quality or when the fields are unplayable due to one of the aforementioned reasons. 
The Tournament Committee, Field Chairman, Tournament Director or Referee are responsible for suspension and cancelation of games due to inclement weather. 
If games are suspended, all participants and spectators must go to their vehicles or other permanent structure and wait 30 minutes for further instructions. 
If a game is delayed by weather, prior to the start of the game, all participants and spectators must go to their vehicles or other permanent structure and wait 30 minutes for further instructions.  
Information on postponement and rescheduling will be published on the Wasatch Soccer Classic website. It is each team’s responsibility to check this prior to travel to games to check for game time changes. 
Rescheduling Policy - Tournament Director will make decisions on how to reschedule games, and reserves the right to alter the tournament format to do so. Rescheduled games will be published as soon as possible on our website. Any and all games, times and places are subject to change in the event of inclement weather.

1. Players must wear equipment (including shin guards) in accordance with FIFA laws. 

2. The two teams must wear colors that distinguish them from each other and from the referees.  Each goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish him/her from the other players, the referee, and the assistant referee. The home team shall wear their darker colored jerseys and the visiting teams shall wear their lighter colored jerseys.  If there is still a conflict, the home team should change, according to UYSA policy 6315.

3. The first team listed on the bracket is the Home team. 

1. No refund after the team has been accepted into the tournament. 

2. The Wasatch Soccer Classic, its directors, and members do not assume any financial responsibility for any injury or illness or death occurring during and/or traveling to or from this tournament by any persons, player, coach, official, or spectator. No club/team is allowed to enter the competition without first having signed the liability waiver. 
1. Conduct of players, coaches and spectators are monitored by the referees under FIFA rules. 

2. Any player receiving a RED CARD must immediately leave the field of play, remove their jersey and can no longer sit with the team.  Any coach, manager or other team official, who has been ejected by a referee must leave the field of play immediately.  Play will be suspended until the ejected individual leaves the vicinity.  If after 5 minutes, the ejected individual has not left the vicinity, the match will be forfeited to the opposing team.  

3. If the coach is ejected, the match will only continue if there is another eligible, rostered coach present.  Otherwise, the match will end and the team will forfeit the match to the opposing team.

4. A player receiving a red card is not eligible to play in the following tournament game – including the final.  A coach who is ejected for reasons other than “abuse” of a referee may participate in the following game.  Abuse includes, but is not limited to, foul language, threats and inappropriate gestures.  The tournament committee will review each ejection and let the coach know if the behavior is considered to be abuse.  If the behavior is considered abuse, the coach will be notified and subject to suspension from the balance of the tournament.  The length of suspension is at the discretion of the tournament committee.  No protests allowed.
5. The referee reports any player receiving a RED CARD or ejected individuals to the field marshal.  The field marshal records red cards and ejections on the official roster or player card.  This information is passed to the tournament director and referee coordinator at the end of the game. 

6. The tournament director and/or tournament committee will review all red cards, coach and spectator dismissals and determine if further action is needed. 

7. Coaches must remain in the bench area. No mechanical signaling devices are permitted. 

8. Teams are responsible for good conduct of their players, coaches, and spectators during all competition. If a match is terminated due to inappropriate behavior, the responsible team will forfeit the match to the opposing team.

9. Spectators may not enter the field of play or interfere with the game or participants in any way. 

10. Alcohol, drugs, weapons and animals are not allowed at any of the field sites. 

1. The referee’s word is final. No protests are allowed. 

2. USSF certified and registered referees are provided by the tournament committee. Games are supervised using the diagonal system of control. 

3. If an assigned referee fails to appear and cannot be replaced by the tournament committee, club linesmen will be provided first by the home team, and then by the visiting team. 

4. Referees report the results of each game to the referee headquarters. 

5. Protests as to the eligibility of a player may be made prior to a game with any given team, but is not allowed in subsequent games with the same team.